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Zainab Merchant holds a double degree in Political Science and Homeland Security from Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked in the Non-Profit Sector over the years tackling humanitarian issues globally and domestically. Now she spends her days as a homeschooling-horseriding-political activist-stay-at-home mom and nights as a graduate student in Writing and Literature. She lives in sunny Orlando, Florida with her husband and two spirited little boys.


My deepest gratitude to…
God Almighty for giving me the strength and courage to do this work
The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his family for their light and guidance
My parents for their love, prayers and sacrifices
Rizwan, my soul mate and the greatest blessing in my life
Kamaal, Hadi, Hamza and Mokhtar, my princes in shining armor
Masuma, my sister, my joy and the best part of me
My publisher, Tehseen, for her friendship, patience, vision and sincerity
Shahraiz, for his creativity, insight and hard work
Fatema Kermalli for her eagle eye and all those who proofread and contributed
My family, relatives and friends for their unwavering support and encouragement
Nargis aunty and her green parrot Pepe who gave me so much happiness in my childhood
Orphans around the world who face the world with bravery and faith; you were my inspiration
In memory of my late father Abbas Parpia