About Us

I remember those weeks so vividly. I had officially completed a Masters degree in Ethics and Philosophy of Religion at Kings College London (KCL), so I should have been celebrating like the rest of my class, but I couldn’t. To me, my Masters, my Bachelors (in Philosophy and Theology), and all my education that I have been so privileged to have lacked meaning, unless I could do something with it. So my thoughts turned to getting a “real job”. My requirements? I wanted to help people, use my skills, work for the Hereafter, meet kind and God-fearing individuals, and if possible all from the comfort of my own home!

I consulted friends, family, scholars; anyone who would listen, to brainstorm ideas for what I could dedicate my time and energy to. I sat on my prayer mat and decided to leave it to the “Best of Planners”. That’s when the “eureka moment” happened. A renowned scholar had asked me to transcribe his lectures and edit them into a book. I had time on my hands so I took the job on – and I loved it. I learnt so much, and my passion for publishing was born.
That September I began (another!) Masters degree, this time in Publishing at University College London (UCL). I learnt about the book industry, the publishing process and worked for several months at Saqi, a publisher specialising in academic books about the Middle East. My dissertation was a business plan for an independent Islamic publishing house – Sun Behind The Cloud Publications.